Our Story

Control your climate

Outdoor adventure starts with choosing the right gear. DRYFRAME® focuses on highly technical outerwear with layering options to help you CONTROL YOUR CLIMATETM.

Everyone regulates body temperature differently;DRYFRAME® helps you do this with heat reflective mesh, waterproof, fully seam sealed fabrics and coordinating pieces that allow you to personalize your outdoor experience by layering or shedding depending on the weather or your activity level.
DRYFRAME® is made by real people who understand that technical quality should not only be for athletes.

Whether hiking, biking, watching the match or getting to work, DRYFRAME® will keep you dry and warm.


Inspired by life

Conceptualized by those with a passion for nature, DRYFRAME®’s muse is the world around us. The colors of DRYFRAME® are inspired by the colors we live in, not to camouflage us, but rather to envelope us in the beauty we are endlessly surrounded by. Mineral Greens swirl around us like leaves in the wind, whereas Glacier Greys portray crisp undisturbed snow and ice. Asphalt embraces the majestic beauty of the Rocky Mountains while Jester Red brings the fiery sun down to warm our faces. DRYFRAME®’s design lines follow the human “frame” and are built for movement, so no matter your activity, you will stay dry and warm.

Manufacturing ethics

Our factory partners are held to the highest standards for quality workmanship, employee care and sustainable practices. In addition to working with our design team to develop DRYFRAME® specific fabrics and outerwear solutions, our factory partners must exceed governmental labour codes, pay fair, living wages, and support the communities around them while continuously working to lower their carbon footprint. And, although our factory partners are WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) and ISO (ISO 9000 Quality Management System) Certified, our DRYFRAME® auditors check in minimum five visits per year.

Crafted for life

It’s easy to create outerwear that costs a fortune, but not practical for most. It’s easy to create cheap outerwear, but will it protect you from the elements? DRYFRAME® found the sweet spot. By working with and challenging our suppliers, developing our own fabrics and meticulously ironing out design details, DRYFRAME® is high quality technical apparel with a price tag that everyone can afford.

Environmental impact

Our factories use skylights for natural lighting in the sewing room and recycled energy in the finishing room, while our offices use automated lighting systems and ‘green’ cleaning products. We pride ourselves on being as paperless as possible and producing as little landfill waste as we can through recycling and composting efforts. We know that we can always get better which is why, at our factory we hold a yearly conference for all our suppliers to discuss environmental and corporate responsibility at every step of the supply chain.

Tested for life

All DRYFRAME® materials are laboratory tested to ensure their ability to withstand water under pressure while maintaining breathability. Functionality and mobility are first motion tested by the team that created them. We sit, jump, run, reach and twist in the jackets.Then when we think we’ve got it “perfect”, we give our jackets to real people to test on the mountain, on the water and in the city. You don’t buy another DRYFRAME® Jacket because your zipper broke, you buy another expertly crafted DRYFRAME® Jacket because you need a different warmth layer or you love your jacket so much, you want another color.

Our home our community

Our DRYFRAME® commitment to our communities extends beyond the boundaries of our work space and for that reason we give back. Our factory supports local blood drives, school donations and monetary donations to local teachers for supplies and support. The DRYFRAME® factory invests money into new factories in underdeveloped areas to support locals who are not able to leave their provinces to find work. Our Canadian division works hard to support local organizations year round. We walk for MS, collect donations for local Food Banks and raise money for a variety of Cancer Research and Support charities.